Rental Terms

DELIVERY: To the address specified by the customer. Customer grants ALADIN JUMPERS the right to enter the property for installations and take down of jumper(s). The customer will be subjected to additional charges of $50 for a service call due to any electrical failure caused by customer negligence.

GENERAL RULES TO FOLLOW DURING USE OF THE JUMPER ARE: Always maintain the same age group (no further apart than 3 years). The maximum number of participants of each age group that should play/jump inside a unit at one time is:

1-4 years 10     5-8 years 8     9-14 years 6     NO ADULTS

All persons MUST remove shoes, eye glasses, and all sharp objects including pens, pencils and hair clips. ABSOLUTELY no toys, food, candy or drinks allowed in this unit/jumper. No flipping, no tackling, no hanging on the net or walls and no kicking or pushing. Remember to always separate the big kids front the small kids. This is very important in order to avoid any accidents.

TERMS OF RENTAL: The CUSTOMER shall be fully responsible for operation after receiving the jump unit. ALADIN JUMPERS is not responsible for any injuries occurring while rental of jump unit is in progress. The customer further agrees to hold ALADIN JUMPERS free and harmless against any claims; and further shall be identified for any and all cost incurred due to claims from anyone; including court costs and attorney fees; and other related costs involving the jump rental. The CUSTOMER is responsible for the replacement value of a new jumper unit in the event of that, vandalism, fire or any act which may damage or destroy the rental property. Failure to observe the terms of this agreement, to make payment, or failure to have the equipment ready for pick up as agreed to, shall make the customer liable for any additional one day rental fee per day until all equipment is returned, plus any court and/or attorney fees incurred in order to obtain return of this rental product.

Rain Policy - Complete and Fax to (818) 896-9120 - English - Spanish - Tagalog

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

What Our Customers Think

The children had a blast playing in the c4 jumper all day. Your guys were very fast at setting it up too. We will definitely rent from you again. Thanks for the great deal! It was big and awesome. I did refer you guys to some of my friends so hopefully they will book with you. Thank you so much!Antoinette
Aladin jumpers has the best service. The customer service agents are very kind and helpful. We always order our jumpers from there and it always makes my kids happy. Aladin jumpers also has good prices. Aladin jumpers is the BEST!!!!!!!!Gayane Chatinyan
I just want to say, you guys are lifesavers!! I had my son’s Birthday Party last Saturday. I had hired a different “company” to have a jumper delivered. And when they showed up, the jumper was wet, dirty, smelly and had holes all over the nets! I complained and they just took the jumper off and left!! Leaving me hanging with my party starting in less than an hour!! I called Aladdin Jumpers and they delivered a NEW jumper in less than 30 min!!!! I was so glad and thankful my party was saved!! Thank you so much Aladdin JUmpers!! I’m happy you are a company we can trust! I will definately requested you again for future parties. Thank you so much!!Guille Trejo
I have used Aladin Jumper services and I can only tell you I had a good experience since the start with Rosy, she helps me with everything and clown experience was wonderful, I loved it!!!! All boys and girls had a wonderful time. I got it for 3 hours and wanted more… we had a beautiful b-day for my little girl my oldest girl b-day is coming up and I will be using Aladin for everything. I encourage anyone to use their service that is professional, and friendly. Mariela Castillo

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